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Let’s get started. Go to How to Design an Alarm System or go to Designing a Camera System and learn to design your own security system or visit our Alarm/Camera System Education section for more information on how to install specific parts. If you have more questions contact us at sales@canadassecuritystore.ca or chat with us.

You can also visit our Tricks and Tips Page.

We Now Sell VOSKER MOBILE SECURITY CAMERAS!  They run on Cellular and even have a solar option. Check them out here.

Free Shipping On Orders Over $500.

At Canada’s Security Store we do things Differently.  You purchase the alarm or camera system, we do all the programming for you, and you install it yourself.

Due To Interlogix Ceasing Operations in North America We Are Currently Evaluating Other Alarm Systems.  In the Mean time Check Out Our Camera Systems.

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